PEOPLE George is the lead Principal on all assignments. He is a 35 year veteran of the communications industry and an early adopter of new technologies. George was a Registered Architect who has specialized in Communications and in Public Awareness and Participation Programs structured toward community support and approval of referendums. He has facilitated many Referendum Advisory Committees and served as a Member of the Cherry Hill Schools 2008 Referendum Advisory Committee. He has guest lectured on information and education programs at universities and national symposia. He has pioneered the use of Tactile and Computer-Aided Community charettes for school programming and design. His representative experience includes a range of services including brochure development, web site design and direct mail programs. Equally important is his experience with architect, engineer and construction clients for whom he has provided a wide range of communications services. Notable achievements in communications include; Recognition for Outstanding Public Participation for Community Design Charettes for design of two community elementary schools for Atlantic City Public Schools; National Award-" Excellence in Design" for Quarterly Brochure for The Tarquini Organization, Camden, NJ by the Society for Marketing Professional Services; and National Award-First Place by the American Institute of Architecture’s "Excellence in Continuing Education" program for a workplace based continuing education program, which he developed and chaired.

George B. Sundell


"Great ability develops and reveals itself with every new assignment"

- Baltasar Gracian


    Frank is a 2005 graduate of Rowan University with a BS in Computer Science and is currently employed there as a Web Programmer. He specializes in Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence; and focuses on software engineering, dynamic web development, database systems, networking technologies and protocols, algorithm optimization, numeric computation and logic. He is fully conversant with the common computerized graphics programs. He is knowledgeable in Programming Language including: Python, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, C++, VB, XHTML, VBS, WSH, Java, Javascript, ColdFusion, Perl: and Design Programs including Design Tools: X/Emacs, SQLGrinder, Macromedia Dreamweaver, MySQLAdministrator, Oracle SQL Developer. In addition to his freelance work with Sundance Associates, he is a Principal in Klatt Design, a provider of web design, hosting and management. Francis J. Troiani
Technical Consultant
Freelance Design Engineer


Eileen is a highly skilled, professional graphic designer, illustrator and writer with a wide range of experience in both commercial and nonprofit industries. She received classical training at Tyler School of Art and Moore College of Art, and, after taking some time off when her two children were young, is expanding her education to include state-of-the-art media technology and computer design software. Proficient with the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, In Design, and web design using Dreamweaver CS3. Eileen’s areas of expertise include logo design, custom illustration, ads, brochures, catalogs, promotional campaigns, copy writing, digital photo retouching and web site design. She has worked with many other professionals within the industry such as artists, photographers and marketing executives, and always seeks to develop creative ways to help effectively communicate and enhance the client's message to their target audience.

Eileen Heide
Art & Graphic Design

    Since graduating with a BS degree in Computer Science from Loyola College, Dan has accumulated over 10 years of experience engineering web sites of every variety. He's worked in medical publishing, online retail, children's software, the dating industry, and most recently public broadcasting - building web sites for both TV/radio stations and shows such as CarTalk. Fluent in a number of programming languages he does most of his development in Java, PHP, Perl and Javascript and prefers Apache on a Linux OS for his web server. On the backend he's way too familiar with Oracle and mySQL as database servers. Dan is constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends in web development to keep his applications efficient, user friendly, and looking as slick as possible.

Daniel Sundell
Interactive Technologies
Web Development
Database Management

    Matthew Sundell is a 2006 graduate of Rowan University with a BA in Communications and a specialization in Radio/Film/Television. Since than he has worked as a freelance vidographer and grip for television commercials production, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. He is a principal in CineMatt, a video production firm, and Treehouse Productions specializing in music videos. He is currently employed by McHenry Creative Services as a Videographer where he primarily services the TDCommerceBank account Matthew Sundell
Audi-Visual Technologies
    Jesse Zuba holds degrees in literature from Princeton and Yale universities. He was Editor-in-Chief, The Nassau Literary Review, Princeton University, 1998-99 and is a published poet. As a freelance writer and editor for Chelsea House Publishers, EBSCO Publishers, and the Library of America, he has brought almost thirty books into print, from scholarly works on T. S. Eliot and Ralph Waldo Emerson to an anthology of American Religious Poems and a cultural history of New York City, which is now available in paperback. His recent work as a consultant for Get Web Placement, a web design company specializing in search engine optimization, has focused on developing content for more than 300 websites spanning a wide range of industries, from information management and security to sports memorabilia. He teaches part-time in the English Department at Rowan University. Jesse Zuba
Creative Strategies
Copy writing